March 22, 2018

Welcome to our new site

Say hello to the all-new ihorizon website!  We’ve had a complete makeover, creating a slicker, cleaner and fresher look – we hope you like it!

We put more than a lick of paint on our domain and have transformed the structure of our services.

So what’s new?


The Video


We wanted to do something different, staying away from the dreaded stock images, and have something that was a bit more us.  And so, the header video was made!

We see a day through the eyes of a founder.  You’ll see them grabbing a coffee at Ozone, logging the expense on Receipt Bank, paying a visit at the ihorizon offices to go over some accounts on Xero, having a chat with a fellow founder, and meeting with investors.  We left the pub at the end of the day off 😉


A big shout out to our cast:


Misha Patel (ihorizon)
as The founder

Ozone Coffee Roasters

Tom Watts (ihorizon)
as Tom Watts

Rob O’Donovan (CharlieHR)
as Rob O’Donovan

John Bond, Caroline McArthur, Molly French Gerard (Whitefox)
As the investors


Credit to Mike Gosling of Bonfire Video for filming and editing.


The Services


We’ve also changed the way we structure our services.  Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean our services have changed, but we’ve simplified how we define what service packages you will need and when.  

We’ve broken our services down into two stages, based on where a company is in their growth:


Stage I – Seed to Series A – The Financial Management package.  

The core accounting solution, coving all the essentials you need to make sense of your business and keep compliant with HMRC.  This package includes:

Xero oversight  | Management reporting  | Company tax | Company secretarial  | Payroll | Ongoing growth support


Stage II – Series A onwards – The Financial Controller package.

The in-depth, hands-on option, created as the next step as your business grows.  You have all the use of the financial management service, plus the extra support you need, including:

Payment runs  | Financial planning & analysis  | Meeting support and presentation of numbers  | Operational and finance support | Investor updates and board packs  | In-house and online support as needed


These service packages are of course supported by our on-going advisory and tax services:

  • R&D tax credits
  • S/EIS
  • Option plans
  • US expansion
  • Tax structuring
  • Funding due diligence support


Community Minded


We love to run workshops, office hours and share the knowledge amongst the incubators, co-working spaces and networks and we’re really proud to be part of the awesome startup community in London.  So much so, that we’ve made this a front page feature of the new site!


Our Partners


We’re also proud to work with the best companies to deliver our services and work with the community.  We wanted to give a shout-out to our friends at:

  • Xero
  • Market Invoice
  • Techspace
  • Stripe & Stripe Atlas
  • Second Home
  • Rise London
  • Seedrs
  • CIMA
  • Receipt Bank
  • Tech City UK
  • Entrepreneur First
  • London Business School


The Startup Accountancy Guide


We’ve also featured a downloadable guide on the key aspects of accounting for founders and startups.  It’s a must read and available as a downloadable PDF when you sign up to our mailing list.


The guide gives the what, how, when and common pitfalls of all the following:

Funding  | Management accounts  | VAT | Payroll | S/EIS  | Business models | Year end statutory accounts  | Corporation tax | R&D | Grants | Self assessment  | EMI share options | Financial planning & analysis | US Expansion


If you want a copy, just put your name on the list on our home page!




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