July 21, 2017

Unbound London – A great collab of new tech

Yesterday we popped into Unbound London to check out some new tech at The Old Brewery.  We were not disappointed!  As soon as we walked in we were met with some innovative tech and some great platforms.


All in all, Unbound offered some great insight with their panels and talks, bringing some real thought leaders in the tech scene on stage.  The main floor was filled with great startups and these are just a few we got talking to:



We’re big sound geeks, so this was right up our street!  Kinicho has created a fully immersive 3d sound experience with innovating 3D audio tools for producers that seek a richer, fuller and more authentic listener experience.  We stepped into their 3D audio booth to have a play and not only could you control the location of the sound in their audio booth, but you could isolate individual instruments based on its position in the soundscape.   We could have spent the day in there!




These guys were great!  The Pavegen technology is a multifunctional custom flooring system that harvests energy and data from footfall.  They are used both in permanent areas, like their spot on Washington DC, or at events to collect footfall data while offering an interactive experience.  They had a few panels hooked up to a lighting system, great innovation!






A buying manager’s dream.  Mallzee is a fashion browsing platform giving the user hundreds of fashion options to swipe through.  This is used as a sales platform for the user, notifying when brands drop the price of items, but the real kicker is in its data.  They have over 1m users actively liking and unliking products, opening the opportunity for brands to test new products with their market and make buying, stocking and sales decisions based on real data.  Fashion retailers take note!



There have been a few electric skateboards popping up over the last couple of years, but we’ve never got to use one.  So we were really excited when we saw these guys from Italy.  The guys at Psykoboard are pretty early on, but they have created an awesome looking and really easy to use board, hand building them using carbon-fibre and connecting with a hand held controller via Bluetooth.  Pratik was straight on one!




Looking forward to the next Unbound!




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