July 1, 2015

Things Change

Things change.
Moving on always causes you to get a little nostalgic. As ihorizon moved into our new digs this week, and the team is enjoying the extra space, full size ping pong table, and bright red SMEG fridge(s!), we’ve had a little look back at how far we’ve come in the last 6 years.
Back then, we were a just a 3-man-band in a tiny office in Borough. It was us against the world. CCF – Crystal Clear Finance (as we were then known) quickly gravitated towards tech startups (and that was before they were ‘cool’!)
By 2011 we’d rebranded to Horizon Accounts Ltd, and now with a strong team of 4, the passion and enthusiasm of the entrepreneurs we were working with was rubbing off on us, and we found ourselves focusing more on tech companies, making a difference to startups.



To be in the heart of the action, we moved into our previous home in Old Street in 2012, and being part of the tech community prompted some confusion over our domain name, so we rebranded to ihorizon shortly after.  Our old office treated us well, but we outgrew it.

Fast-forward to 2015, ihorizon is now a team of 30 who are just as passionate and devoted to the tech community as we were in 2009. We strive to support the ecosystem as much as possible, working with SVC2UK, Tech City UK, and COADEC as well as accelerators and incubators across London.  We also launched TechJam – London’s basketball League for tech startups, open to individuals and company teams to get the community together outside of work and networking.


Last week, to accommodate our ever expanding ranks, the dream team has now moved into our new digs in Clifton Street, with room to grow. At ihorizon, we believe in helping our recent graduates to thrive by providing mentoring through their ACCA and CIMA training, time off to revise, and a bit of moral support from those who’ve gone through the exams too. In our new home, we’re ready to scale and support the best of London’s Tech.
If you’re in the neighbourhood, pop up for a coffee and check out the new space! Hope to see you there soon!
There’s more to come…
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