March 13, 2013

The Dream Team

London’s first tax startup company, Go Simple Ltd, is helping to sooth self-assessment pain for the self-employed with Simple Tax, its innovative online filing solution.

The company who recently won a round at SeedCamp, the high profile incubator accelerator forTech startups, has created a product which offers an automated, hassle-free way to file individual tax filing online.


With Simple Tax, users can start entering their income and expenses within minutes. It works out how much tax is due, and even prompts users with helpful tips on less common expenses which can help to lower their tax bill even further.
As Accountants and Tax Advisers to SimpleTax, Horizon provided advice and support around the complicated tax system here in the UK for the tax engine of the platform. Pratik Sampat, CEO of Horizon commented,



“Simple Tax is a great product and we are really excited to be supporting such an innovative tech company in the Tax space.”


HMRC sends out tax return penalties totalling millions of pounds every year, in part due to late filings. Simple Tax could go some way in improving that situation for the many thousands who file their own assessment.

“Every year, many UK tax returns are filed incorrectly or after the January 31 deadline which is likely, in part, due to the complicated processes in place for those who don’t have an accountant,” said Mark Hodges of Horizon.

“The introduction of a taxpayer friendly service is a significant step in simplifying the process for everyone who has to file their own self-assessment return.”

For more details on Simple Tax or to register a free account, please visit their website at

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