December 8, 2011

Vogue puts our client EDITD Founders 2nd in Top Entrepreneurs List

Congratulations to Julia Fowler and Geoff Watts of EDITD who came 2nd in Top entrepreneur with 18% of the vote by British Vogue.


InĀ celebration of Online Fashion Week, VOGUE.COM has teamed up with the Online Fashion 100 to exclusively unveil the 2012 list – which documents the most influential names and faces from the digital fashion world and compiled by Leon Bailey Green.


“Welcome to the third edition of Online Fashion 100,” says its creator Leon Bailey-Green. “Next year is set to be another year of greatness in online fashion. This edition of the list is a narrative of connections, both strong and loose, covering important industry developments over the past few years. Through a string of ties, bonds, associations and things in common, you’ll meet the headline-makers as well as the powers behind-the-scenes.”


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Courtesy British Vogue

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