July 1, 2014

TechJam Roundup

Monday night saw the finals of TechJam 2014.


Whilst the World was cheering on football matches and tennis games, a small hall in Haggerston saw the edge-of-your-seat finals of TechJam, the basketball league for the London tech community.


Over the course of the league, there was some stiff competition from all the players, and there were injuries ranging from a torn hamstring, to a dislocated shoulder, to a broken fingernail.


Last nights final featured Team ‘getBuckets’ vs Team ‘I wish I was a little bit taller’. The Buckets took an early lead with the scores being 10-6 at half-time. ‘I wish I was a little bit Taller’ (made up of some of ihorizon’s tallest, and shortest company ballers), made a valiant attempt to close the gap,  but the game ended 23-16 to The Buckets.


Congratulations to team ‘getBuckets’



  • Jase Coop – Makeshift

  • Fred Addae – Chelsea FC

  • Brandan Gatons – With Associates

  • Devin Hunt – Founders Centric

  • Gemma Cocker – Neverbland

  • Nikhil Shah – Mixcloud



TechJam will be returning later in the year, in the meantime keep an ear out about The Summer Sessions, which will be coming soon. For more info email chloe@ihorizon.co.uk



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