October 22, 2013

Skin In The Game : EMI (Options) Talk at Warner Yard

Big thank you to Playfair Capital who invited our CEO Pratik Sampat down to Warner Yard on Wednesday 2nd October to give a talk on Enterprise Management Incentives (EMIs).


Warner Yard is one of our favourite tech incubators for London’s high profile investors and most promising start-ups, so it was a privilege to be invited along to talk about this scheme and how it can be implemented in practice.


And in case you haven’t already heard, we’re keen advocates of EMIs. These tax-advantaged share options are designed to help small, high growth companies recruit the talent that they need to grow.


When you want to attract the best of the best – staff overheads can be prohibitively costly, particularly for start-ups. EMIs work as an attractive and alternative means of incentivising great talent, by rewarding staff and employees in a tax-efficient manner.


What makes EMIs so efficient is that there are no upfront costs to staff and they can be tailored to the company or individual. Overall, we think that they help to foster a shared goal by aligning company and staff objectives.


Well, that’s the concise version – if you’re interested in learning more about EMIs, why not view our live video of the talk.


(Health warning: This is a long video, watch in the background or if you really want to know about EMI!)



It would be remiss of us not to give a shout out to our fantastic attendees and supporters – Tech City News and busuu to name just a few, including Warner Yard residents and friends.


The appreciative remarks on our live Twitter stream (#SITG) – not to mention the surprising amount of beers left, surely proof that everyone was paying close attention – is a testament to the interest in EMIs among our tech start-up friends at the moment, and the need to clear up any confusion surrounding them,


We’ll keep you posted of more talks and workshops that we have in store in the forthcoming weeks and months ahead, but in the meantime as always, we’re here to provide mentoring and hands on support to start-ups within our local community.


So if there’s a tech start-up issue that you need support with, or if you’re hosting an event that you think we should be a part of, we’d love to hear from you.

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