January 16, 2017

Here’s to 2017

Our clients hit it out of the park every year. Here’s to 2017 being another fantastic year.


Passionate, exciting entrepreneurs and startups are the lifeblood of ihorizon, and we love to see our clients excel at what they do.


Passionate, exciting entrepreneurs and startups are the lifeblood of ihorizon, and we love to see the people we work with excel at what they do.


Every year we see our clients hit it out of the park and we can’t wait to see what successes 2017 bring to the innovative tech startups we work with.  We’ve had the pleasure of taking on some great new startups in the tech world in 2016 and the start of this year and helping them progress is what we love to do.  


Over the years we’ve seen clients face some huge challenges, and achieve some tremendous victories.  Of course, getting that big funding round is a momentous achievement, but we love to see startups get recognition for their innovation and general awesomeness.  So we’d like to reflect on a few of the great awards our clients have won.


Back in 2014, Basestone, an innovative digital delivery platform for construction faced off against 1500 fellow startups in the Alpha competition at the Dublin Web Summit.
After three intense rounds of pitching by founder Alex, before an audience of 5000.  All eyes on them, they answered questions from a tough panel of world-leading tech experts and investors.  They came away crowned Best Startup and the winner of €10,000 for their amazing product.

2015 saw yet more success for ihorizon clients, in the form of Jukedeck and their artificial intelligence soundtrack composer. The technology they’ve developed, which is built to support video creators, can create custom soundtracks of chosen length, tempo and style.  Since they started in 2012 their platform has created 500K tracks, in 169 countries with 30M views on YouTube.


At TechCrunch Disrupt 2015 Jukedeck fought off 15 competitor companies in the Startup Battlefield. After six minutes of pitching to top investors, JukeDeck walked away with the Disrupt cup and £30,000.  We say pitching, but these guys went all out and on brand with a full rap giving everyone the low down on their product.  Safe to say no one had seen that before!


Watch it here:




And finally, last year, our friends at Seenit also stepped into the Startup Battlefield, brandishing their collaborative storytelling platform. Built to group videos shot on smartphones into one video product of an event, the idea impressed the VC and tech leader judges and Seenit claimed the £40,000 and the much coveted Disrupt Cup.  Boom!


We’re thrilled that our clients and their ideas have been recognized as exceptional by VC’s and tech leaders alike. 2017 will have it’s own challenges and opportunities for our clients, and we’ll be there to continue to help them.
So here’s to 2017!

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