April 27, 2012

Girl Geeks brighten ihorizons evening commute

The ihorizon Team had a lovely surprise on their commute home yesterday evening – 4 of our clients ‘the Girl Geeks who will inherit the Earth’ got a little bit of the praise and focus they deserve.


There is no doubt the Tech start up space is young male dominated industry but having worked with Alexandra Chong, Julia Fowler, Liz Varley and Michelle You we know that there is no good reason for this.

There are other great female leaders within the community who we have the pleasure of working with: Tracy Doree of Llustre, Uttara Parikh of WishWantWear, Sally Broom of Tripbod and Rachel Oxburgh of Casabu and we know these women will only inspire more great female led innovations.

Simply put these ladies are as sharp as they come with a fantastic range of businesses on the go and we love working with them.

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