July 4, 2016

CIMA Meets Tech City

Last week CIMA and ihorizon co-hosted CIMA Meets Tech City; a member’s event aimed at introducing the links between the UK’s growing tech industry and the value of CIMA qualified accountants within.  


Held at the Strand Palace Hotel, the evening took the 100+ attendees through the journey of the tech industry to where it is now, current trends we see and the journey of tech startups.  


Presented by experts from ihorizon, CIMA members were taken through a case study to demonstrate how their skills can be applied in real life scenarios.  With over 200 tech startups in their network, ihorizon presented the everyday cases of the core accounting skills applied to enable tech startups to grow.  This included: working through understanding financial models, unit economics, financial statements, building and deploying financial plans and management accounts.  




“There were some really good lessons and advice to take away.  Hopefully I’ll be able to use those in supporting a good friend to establish his start-up in text analytics” – Jonathan Richardson, Finance Director, Simpson Carpenter Limited


“Good CIMA and Tech City event y’day – thanks for sharing your tips and insights!” – Pat Shroff, Director, Red Tape Consulting


Following the success of this event, we’ll be looking at opening up our in-office Roundtable evenings on the subject of finance in Tech City.  Watch this space for updates on this!


If you would like to know more about accounting and finance in Tech City please feel free to email us at talk@ihorizon.co.uk

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