March 11, 2013

Appointment of U.S. CPA John Leary

iHorizon announces the appointment of John Leary, who will be joining Horizon as its U.S. based Chartered Public Accountants for U.S. local compliance.

John has over 25 years’ Senior Tax Accountancy experience, working with high growth businesses in the technology industry.

He began his career in 1987 at Arthur Andersen & Co, working on audit engagements for a diverse list of small businesses and then in 1991 joined Avid Technology, a computer software technology company, where he worked in the R&D Division.

Since 1998, John has been providing comprehensive financial solutions for individuals and corporations through his company JFL Financial Solutions LLC, and tax preparation, planning, CFO and Controller services for technology start-ups through his practice, John Leary CPA.


Pratik Sampat, CEO of Horizon said:

“Horizon will continue to deliver a fully-comprehensive Chartered Accountancy service for high growth technology start-ups.

John’s extensive experience in this sector, including his R&D expertise, will allow us to manage our U.S. compliance work and offer a seamless service to our clients on both sides of the waters.

We look forward to being able to continue extending this part of the practice in the future and are very excited to have John on board with us to realise this goal.”

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