June 4, 2014

1 Month on – Tripbod acquired by Tripadvisor

A month ago, ihorizon client Tripbod – the UK startup which connects travellers with local experts – was acquired by travel giants Tripadvisor. We’ve gone back to Founder Sally Broom to see how life has changed for Tripbod, and how ihorizon’s services have helped them.


“I was introduced to ihorizon by Songkick several years back, before we had taken on any funding. We needed a team that ‘got’ startups and could support us on our journey, and ihorizon has been a perfect fit.

As we are only a small company, we really needed our accountants to be part of the team, and the relationship matters. ihorizon focus on personal relationships with clients, not just plugging the numbers in. When I realised that I would happily spend the night in a pub with our accountants, I knew we’d hit on good people! 
That was very important during the harder times, which are part and parcel of any business. Mark Hodges, ihorizon’s Tax Partner, was normally the first person I would call with concerns or queries, and he was always there on the end of the line with experienced advice.
This has been most evident over the last six months when deciding on the exit strategy for Tripbod. Presented with various options, ihorizon counselled us wisely on the merits of each and when we had the opportunity to explore an acquisition by TripAdvisor, I would not have had anyone else at my side.

The last month has been quite a change for us. We’ve left our lean startup digs, and moved into the Tripadvisor HQ in Soho Square. We are striving to keep the essence of Tripbod the same – connecting tourists with local knowledge. Anyone can see the fit with TripAdvisor is perfect. To have the opportunity to take the Tripbod ethos and share that with millions of travellers is exciting to say the least!”


To find out more about Tripod, check out their website


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