Yas Rostom began working with ihorizon 4 months ago as Finance Assistant. He tells us how working with startups has change his perspective on the finance industry.


“I joined the ihorizon team fresh out of university as a Data Analyst Intern. After my trial period, I was offered a training contract, and was given advice and the choice between becoming ACCA and CIMA qualified. Based on what I felt would play to my strengths, I chose CIMA and my role changed to Finance Assistant.
What appealed to me about working at Ihorizon is that your work is never confined to your job title.Given the fast paced culture of the company, it’s been a fantastic opportunity that’s pushed me to change and adapt. The role has allowed me to further understand what I aim to achieve in my personal career. It’s given me the opportunity to grow; not just through the exams and qualifications, but from working with extremely talented people.
Company culture is especially important in startups, as small teams need to work well together to be efficient. I’ve found ihorizon to be no different. We have a fun, relaxed atmosphere and a tireless work ethic. PayPal Co-founder Peter Theil, recently wrote about how startups have a cult mentality “The biggest difference is that cults tend to be fanatically wrong about something important. People at a successful startup are fanatically right about something those outside it have missed.” Having interned at different startups prior to working here, I noticed one main quality which plays a big role in the values everyone at ihorizon shares; everyone is considered family and is here to help each other as well as our clients.
At ihorizon, we differentiate from traditional finance and accountancy firms as we can think like a startup, allowing us to relate to our clients needs. We understand the issues many start ups face, and the pace at which tech startups move, allowing us to slot into our clients companies easily.”


Yas is currently studying for his certificate level CIMA with the support of ihorizon.

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