Our Team

Our team is like a family. We consider hiring to be core to our business strategy, and ensure that every member fits with the ihorizon values. The fun and lively team is headed up by our founder Pratik and our tax partner Mark, both of whom have very hands-on roles.

Mark Hodges

Tax Partner

Pratik Sampat


Linton Singarayer

Hannah Winton

Isobel Edmonds

Nana Agyapong

Claire Jamieson

Vanessa Otoo

Bruna Cossi

Emily McNicholas

Misha Patel

Gregg Jones

Faisal Rutansingwa

David Slattery

Colin Gay

Ashley Sainsbury

Vinesh Rangan

Bhavin Patel

Aaron Awan

Jacob Chegwidden

Mitu Diwan

Sonal Patel

Adam Broome

TK Williams

Elwira Mroczko

Arjun Gill

Tulay Sal

Matt Penny

Tuf Ahmed

Simone Lake

Andrei Gavriluta

Yas Rostom

Tom Watts

John Leary

Barry Hall

William Clements

Carl White

Hayat Amin


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